About Us

The Founder of Silky Kisses, Wendy Michell, created the two kisses logo from her name mirrored WM, forming XX's.
She's been signing this symbol for 30 years, and shares these kisses on a product she believes in, for you to enjoy, and to make a difference, particularly for women.
We hope you will join us in contributing to the wellbeing of others.

We can all help in little ways to make the world a better place in which to live and to love, beginning at home is a good start.

We all sleep. We spend much of our lives in bed, and we have beds and pillows. For those who don't have even a mat to call their own deserve the attention of those who do.

Forming this venture is our way of making a difference, and with your help we will aid pockets of communities to grow with our gift of money for healing, education and life potential with our encouragement and compassion.
These young women are the Mothers of the next New World.
Support them to be positively influential.

The SK office is located in a private home in beachside Glenelg, South Australia, with a small team of inspired people who are creating  a delightful product that will help alleviate some of the suffering in our world.

Our pillowcases are carefully hand made in Bali, by a small vibrant team (below)


March, 2019

It makes us happy if you're happy.
It makes us all happy to support those in need.


January, 2013