Silk Pillowcase Colour Therapy for Your Best Self

Silky Kisses silk pillowcases for women’s charity brings to you the benefits of silk with a better understanding of the healing energy of the colour that you’re drawn to.
Making choices easier. 
Helping us help others…

The truth is that the power of colour is the essence of life. Colour is refracted light, it’s all around us and influences our lives all the time.

This is true, I’ve looked into it and know for certain that, like Plato and the rest, curing with colour exists.

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Silver Silk Pillowcase

Our Moon Mist Silver silk pillowcases will entice you with the light energy of this mysterious colour which represents openness and truth. This pillow case flashes the palest of green in a light tone within the silver silk fabric, creating a cool and shimmering magic in your bed. Although your eye can see a tiny hint of green in the silver fabric the reflections from the silver will pick up any colour in its vicinity, creating opalescent variances. 

When you hold this 100% mulberry silk in 22 momme weight it feels and even looks like water pouring through your fingers, like life-giving water. 

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Emerald Green Silk Pillowcase

You are looking at Silky Kisses' Deep Forest Emerald silk pillowcases; they’re the colour of nature, of freshness and growth. This deep green conjures the mystery of tall stately trees, with their stability and endurance, fertility and persistence.

Restore your body and mind with this deep nurturing green, creating your own stability and endurance, refreshing and relaxing restoring your energy to cope with adversity. 

This is the colour of regrowth and renewal for those who are exhausted or stressed.

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Coral Pink Silk Pillowcase

This coral pink silk fabric inspires compassion, kindness and encourages self-respect. Summer Sorbet is an uplifting colour which helps to transform your old emotional patterns, and strengthens your life purpose. 

This is not a satin pillowcase, which is plastic and creates static - not something you want in your bed. 

Silky Kisses Summer Sorbet silk pillowcases are made with heavy 22 momme mulberry silk, in a Charmeuse style fabric; and the colour is remarkable; it’s not orange, not red, not pink, although this silk fabric colour takes the traits of these colours with much less intensity, with a touch of pale yellow to make this dreamy soft coral colour, adorable for those who love orange as an energy but want a lighter aspect. 

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Pale Pink Silk Pillowcase - Blushing Blossom

This Blushing Blossom silk pillowcase in a Pale Pink colour is a warm glow in any bed. It shows tenderness, sensitivity and empathy, and is calming and reassuring. It’s an affectionate colour and creates a feeling of intimacy. 

This soothing combination of the luxury of the Charmeuse silk fabric of a Silky Kisses pillowcase, and the emotion of kindness that this pale pink colour brings to mind creates the nurturing you can relax into as you dream. 

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Cream Silk Pillowcase

This colour conjures up thoughts of the texture of ice cream, the softness of old lace, and the colour of luminous pale skin. 

This ivory creamy colour tends toward a very pale yellow hue, which is  a joyful colour addition which warms up the cool elegance and purity of the white base colour. Cream has a generally quiet colour energy, and can often evoke a sense of history and antiquity to your bedroom setting. Cream or ivory is a calm colour, although associated with the energy of spring it is quiet with a pleasant, understated refinement, with a rich softness and lustre.

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Mid Green Silk Pillowcase

A Silky Kisses Grassy Meadows silk pillowcase brings the harmony and balance of nature into your bedroom.

This is an inspiring and uplifting colour reminiscent of green pastures, suggesting abundance and wealth in all its forms, from material wellbeing, to emotional wellbeing, to creative ideas. 

Like its name, Grassy Meadows, the colour is a light bright tone of emerald green, like a freshly watered, healthy Like its name it’s fresh grassy lawn colour, green stands for spring, and rebirth, new shoots and hope.  

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Luscious Red Silk Pillowcase

The Scarlett Whispers seductive silk pillowcases are the warmest and richest of all colours and associated with the fiery heat of desire that creates focus and attention to life. There’s a vitality and passion that comes with this fabulous silk fabric pillowcase entering your bedroom. If it’s atmosphere you wish for this colour will bring energy into your private world to create a more exciting ambience.

Red is the colour of fire and blood associated (on the positive side - where we dwell here at Silky Kisses) with energy, strength, power, and determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

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Lavender Silk Pillowcase

Sleep on a Lavender Dreaming silk pillowcase to re-balance your life and remove obstacles. 

Artists, musicians, writers, poets and psychics are all inspired by violet and its magical divine spirit. Lavender or Violet is the colour of the humanitarian, those who have wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility to do good for others. 

Lavender is the colour of the divine spirit, and this colour works on all levels of spiritual growth expanding your understanding of yourself. It’s the colour of purpose and is grounding. 

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Dark Red Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase by Silky Kisses in Sangria Seduction is just that, Seductive. The colour is a rich and deep, velvety red. I called this colour Sangria because it reminded me of the richness in colour and depth of mystery in a glass of this wine… however other professional colour specialists don’t agree that this name adequately portrays the purple and magenta colours that these luxurious pillow cases reveal.

The lusciousness and warmth of this evocative Charmeuse silk fabric fulfils an important need in some of us; the seduction of our senses with this deep shade of red creates a vitality of powerful feelings including love and exhilaration. 

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