Jade Silk Pillowcases - Peacock Jade

Peacock Jade, that Persian green of old, associated with the sea and the tropics, cooling and deeply translucent, like snorkelling over a coral reef. The cooling nature of blue-green  colour promotes relaxation which is what we seek when we go to sleep.

Jade carries a “nourishing energy that supports healing, acceptance and elevation, through a recharging of your spirit, according to the psychology of colour.”#2 In nature, blue is water and the sky and green is grass, trees, and other plant life - a natural, life-sustaining duo. 

The pacifying purity of our Peacock Jade silk pillowcase colour-energy counteracts chaos and agitation by broadening the flow of communication to the loved ones around you and adds a lively sophistication to your bedroom decor.
This 100% mulberry silk fabric pillowcase is a blend of blue and green having the same calming and elevating effects of each of those colours.
From blue - loyalty, faith, eternity, and immortality and from green - love, joy, abundance, youth, gladness, hope, resurrection and spring.
This vibrant colour reflects “deeper water than its brighter and paler ‘cousin’ turquoise, thus the watery names aqua and aquamarine often relate to this shade of green-blue.” #22 

Jade and turquoise colours “have a sweet feminine feel,” but the Peacock Jade silk fabric colour “is a more sophisticated version of turquoise, the darker teal shades vibrate with stronger colour therapy powers of observation and perception” #2 and can be quite reflective of a discerning intellect.

What does your choice of this Teal colour say about you?
Those who love a blue-green colour and have chosen this Peacock Jade silk pillowcase are said to be “exacting, discriminating, poised and attractive.”  You tend to be “sensitive, intellectual and refined, persevering and stable if rather detached. Blue-Green personalities have excellent taste, and are usually courteous and charming, capable” but you often refuse help or guidance.#13

Choosing a jade colour signifies that you are trustworthy and reliable, someone who is seeking spiritual advancement, and has strong sense of commitment.”#2

The combination of blue and green brings healing from both energy aspects: blue has the redeeming personality of loyalty, fidelity, faith, modesty, eternity, and immortality; whilst green energy brings the most healing benefits ranging from being of the heart and love, joy, abundance, hope, youth, mirth, gladness, resurrection, spring, to how green expresses into the world with being benevolent, service-oriented, and scientifically orientated.

If you have found this pillowcase appealing you could be looking for healing or balancing, subconsciously, in any of these areas.

Loving and choosing our Jade silk charmeuse pillowcase indicates that you are idealistic, faithful, and sentimental”#6 and we, at Silky Kisses, love this about you.

What can sleeping with this colour do for you?
Jade creates serenity and relaxation in your sleeping life, which then releases those negative thoughts that can spin in our heads at night, with the irritability that can come with it, so it is soothing to the mind. 

This pillowcase is not satin - the plastic version of silk fabric which makes static in your bed (nothing anyone likes) - Silky Kisses make our cases from sumptuous Charmeuse style silk in 22 momme, see more here (that’s the technical version of the watery delight it gives you when you hold this material in your hands, and the astonishingly wonderful feeling of face planting into it to feel such comfort!)

Apart from the gorgeousness of the fabric the benefits of this colour are regenerative.

This blue-green, wild, glorious silk fabric has a stabilising influence on a personality, and helps to relinquish self-imposed limitations, it’s even said to provide confidence and self-assuredness. 

Jade can also help with decision making as it provides aid for clear and concise thinking.
Jade is an excellent choice for healing feelings of guilt, hurt and defeatism.

A Peacock Jade colour can also “help with decision making as it provides aid for clear and concise thinking.”#23

Apparently it’s a great choice for ”people with weight issues who are stuck in self loathing, as it gives them the courage to seek help and to persevere with their goals.”#17   

Jade, the deep blue-green hue often referred to as dark turquoise or teal, represents, through the psychology of colour, the recharging of spirits. 


Having a Peacock Jade pillow case as your own comforting and regenerating sleeping buddy brings tranquility and focus to your subconscious mind as you sleep, enhancing wellbeing and peaceful feelings.

Visually focusing on this colour can bring feelings such as calmness or rejuvenation. This can be a helpful colour when going through times of mental or physical stress. 

If you actually don’t like the colour jade, or blue-green, this says lots about you too:

You may be uncomfortable with showing compassion and empathy; you may be unwilling to share your innermost feelings; you could be quite shut off from your feelings, being stuck emotionally or creatively; and dislike any change; and organisation and order may make you uneasy.#2 

If this describes you, or someone you know, and you’ve magically been drawn here to read these words, then this is the silk pillowcase for you as it will help turn around and transform these somewhat negative personality traits while you sleep. 

Combining blues and greens for a natural, watery colour palette in your bedroom decor creates calm and soothes your soul. 

How can it get better than that?


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