Mother's Day 2020

To Mothers,

 Thank you for the restless nights, for giving up your time and putting your children before yourself. We know the amount of effort you put in to raising your kids to ensure they get the best opportunities they can. But for Mothers day, you all deserve a gift that is almost as luxurious as you, a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase.




Silky Kisses silk pillowcases are perfect for every Mother, as they allow every Mother get a luxurious night of sleep, and as silk is smooth and allows for movement, it allows you to wake up and be ready for whatever the day brings, without the worry of creases on your face and knots in your hair, giving you more time to spend with your family.


Here at Silky Kisses, we sell our silk pillowcases in 20 luxurious colours, meaning that you are guaranteed to find the perfect colour to suit Mums’ bedroom, meaning that you can add the perfect luxurious feel to Mum’s room without her having to change anything

Your Mum will also love her silk pillowcase as it will be beneficial to her skin care routine, as silk has a very low absorption rate, meaning that night creams and moisturisers will last longer on the skin, and silk does not leave creases on the skin, it means Mum can wake up looking even more beautiful everyday.





And best of all the profits made from the sales of our silk pillowcases go to The Fistula Foundation. This foundation supports thousands of women suffering with an obstetric fistula from childbirth. They don’t have the means to have the surgery and often go without to provide for their children, so by gifting your Mother a silk pillowcase, you are also gifting another child with a happier and healthy Mother.






So thank you to all of our customers for treating your Mums, and for helping The Fistula Foundation,


Happy Mother’s Day,

The Silky Kisses team


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