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It is a scientific fact that people feel happy if they are able to make someone else happy!
A Silky Kisses pillowcase is a Happy Maker.

All women love real silk pillowcases - they do make us Happy!
They'll buy them for themselves and for their loved ones.
And not just women, men love them too. I know a gentleman in his 80's who has stolen the watermelon coloured pillowcase I gave his wife and won't give it up!
Children love them.
Silky Kisses an endearing and affordable gift for everyone.
We all sleep.

This is Silky Kisses first Blog, and mine. Welcome to our site.
I'm feeling really happy as my Silky Kisses creation is about to launch..Yaaa

I was inspired last June 2012 to work on this concept, discussed making the cases with my friend Dedy in Bali in June 2012. He found a tailor to make me 50cases, which I rained down on my lucky friends and family to do a test run.
Who wouldn't love a silk pillowcase to sleep on. 
So began this 10month journey into the creation of Silky Kisses.
Our team produces pillowcases in 20 luscious colours in heavy watery silk Charmeuse. 
With minimum packaging and all our profits go to The Fistula Foundation women's charity as our pledge to respond to this dreadful crisis.

We will be launching our lovely website on 10th April, 2013,
with teasers on Face Book, press releases and hooray's from our patiently waiting fans.

We hope you enjoy our newsletters which we will send sporadically to you if you connect with us. 
No membership, just the knowing that if you buy a pillowcase from us you will not only be getting a lovely silky sleeping buddy, but you will be helping a woman reclaim her life.

I was looking to buy a silk pillowcase locally to solve my fluffy hair problem.
I found only the very expensive, with dull colours, and elaborate packaging, or the brightly shiny acrylic variety which made me hot and static!
I found lovely looking silk ones on line at various prices but in the usual range of pink, cream and black. I wanted colour, choice and beauty.

I can sew..how hard could it be to make a pillowcase? Actually it's not easy!
I asked Dedy's Aunty, Desak, an experienced seamstress and now my head tailor in Surabrata in Bali, if she would be interested to get a team together to make lots of cases; they were excited, and inspired by the cause, and are working away, on a good wage at last, happily knowing how much their work is enjoyed.

I had a bigger picture in my mind.

I know that sleeping on my Silky Kisses pillowcase is indulgent, particularly when there are millions of women struggling to just survive. The incongruous nature of the difference between the material world and the desperately poor is more than disappointing. If we really open our hearts we are appalled by what we hear and see in photographs, but we try to forget so we can live in our daily reality without guilt. This is true for most of us. There are those angels in the field really doing fine dedicated work to change lives.
How can I help them?
Then I had heard about fistula, and the resulting sickness and community shunning and what a very appalling way to exist it must be for these beautiful women. I was inspired by people like Dr Katherine Hamlin doing their good work in the field treating with success, and educating these often very young women, allowing them to reclaim their lives. We found The Fistula Foundation helping to serve these doctors and their staff. I'm not alone in my quest to improve the lives of these women, Oprah and Richard Branson, amongst all the other philanthropic souls, are doing their best creative giving to this cause, and remain inspirational.
I felt that if I'm lying on silk I could give a bit more of my luck away to those who have none. I became a large donor to this cause.
What else could I do?
How could I make a real difference to these thousands of suffering women?
How could I facilitate this process and produce an answer to this sadness?
How could I inspire others and so make it a bigger gift?
How can we create a movement towards positive giving - a win/win?
Silk pillowcases to those who can and contribute to those who can't - was my answer.

Concern for the suffering of other women is in direct contrast to wanting to feel silk under my face; the hypocrisy is evident and intended!
How can this hypocrisy become a conversation that creates movement towards compassion and contributing toward this good cause?

Hence a 'Kiss of Silk and a Kiss of Thanks' when you buy a Silky Kisses. XX

With the small team in Bali raring to go I realised that I was not equipped to do the business of letting you know about us if I did't find a team. And I found the best group of enthusiastic, creatively talented and self motivated people a woman on a mission would want to propel this idea and product into the world. Thanks to them we can offer you a shopping experience that will show you easily how to purchase your very own silk case, and where your donation is helping, as well as offering the interesting healing aspects of silk and colour for health, beauty and sleep in our fun and informative newsletters.

Wendy Michell


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