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I contacted Silky Kisses a month ago to tell them how much I adored my silk pillowcase with a testimonial about my experience with the cases. They responded by asking for some feedback and showed an interest into why I loved my pillowcases so much, and this was my response to them.. 
I don’t think people realise how much colour can change a life.
For me it did. I love it that I’ve never lost the creativity and imagination from my childhood, and perhaps if you're reading this and you think you don’t have an intuition based on visual brain thoughts – well, its time to get those creative juices going and get open minded to a few ideas about colour. Just try it on.
By using simple thoughts about a colour, I’ve found to be healing, empowering, and it's free, easy, childish and I can do it even when I’m under the pump – like public speaking!

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, and about the food we put into our bodies. What a ‘food’ provides and what minerals and nutrients they have. I’m the type of person who wants to know why, say, a tomato is red, what’s going to be in there which will be nutritionally viable for me etc.. but that tomato can be so much more than nutritional chemical facts, it can be a source of strong colour energy, a visualisation tool for sinking into the sensation of red – if you're open minded.
Are you someone who thinks about what the fruit or vegetable you're about to eat is doing for your whole body, your mind and your spirit? If you don’t, I’ll explain how it has been beneficial for me, and it could be for you too.
When you see that red tomato do you have any feelings? Try to connect with the colour of that bursting ripe tomato. Its hot, warm, nourishing, energetic, stimulating, energising, fiery and lively.. what else do you feel from red? Do you see where I’m going with this?
Imagine filling yourself up with that rich powerful colour, it's more powerful than you think. Another way you can bring in a colours power is to wear it! Take note of those feelings when you look at a colour because it IS effecting you both physically and mentally.
Would you wear a bright yellow suit? I've seen a few women, especially Virgin hostesses, carry a red suit with ease, as a uniform it can work. but rarely will a man wear a full red 'bag of fruit'. I'm sure there are people who could pull it off, but for the average person it would be to hot and attention seeking, like a sign saying stop, on the one hand, and ‘look at me’, and very energetic. An unusual choice for most. This starts to show that colour is a subconscious choice based on our deepest requirements, and until we think about it our choices seem random, but are they?
We can absorb colour in a few ways which are simple, fast and non invasive. I practice lots of visualisation in my life, and this can be through just breathing with my eyes open looking intently at a colour that soothes, or inspires movement, as is my need at the time, or with eyes closed imagine a colour and let it flow through my mind and imagine it travel through my whole body.
When I go shopping I try to absorb through my eyes the colours that attract me, and wearing a colour that uplifts and compliments my skin and eyes projects and reflects my energy. There are colours that lift your spirit and subdue and relax. So here are a few tips for winter that I can recommend -
  1. I wear a lot of red! No one knows this, but I wear red underwear, socks and long sleeved tops. For one purpose only – the feeling of warmth!
  2. When I'm coming out of the shower and I'm freezing and I want to head back into the warm water, I stand there visualising warm red. I feel the heat of the flames of red creeping up my from my centre and radiating around me. Try it!
For me, these visualisations in winter create a warm energy, they give me the mental strength my body needs to warm up. I have found on many occasions when I am wearing my red underwear, socks and long sleeved top, which no one can see because they are truly too wild for my outside appearance, I DO feel more confident, warm and energised, and find myself in social situations where I'm leading conversations.
This is why I like to sleep on a colourful pillowcase so I can practice this colour breathing visualisations when I'm in bed - and its even better that its on silk. Even though I'm in the darkness of my room at night, I can still use the power of the pillowcase to enhance my energy and I have a great night's sleep.
Thank you for reading about my very personal thoughts. I thought I was crazy until I researched and found out more about colour therapy and it makes sense to add a little bit into your life. I hope you try some of my techniques, please let me know if you do and how they work for you!
I sleep on Peacock Jade pillowcase… Do you want to know about why? If you're interested to hearing about why I like to choose blues and greens to sleep on I'm happy to share.
I hope you enjoyed my guest blog for Silky Kisses
A guest blog for Silky Kisses

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