Christmas Blessings from Silky Kisses

"Hi" from myself, Wendy, and from Silky Kisses, offering the sleeping experience of a silk pillowcase.

Our little cottage industry is based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

We are pledged to help one woman at a time by bringing in contributions from shoppers who're looking to find something lovely.

Our customers from all over the world love our gorgeous silk pillowcases. 

They sleep even more deliciously knowing that their sweet dreams will contribute to saving lives.

Give to someone else their own sweet dreams with the purchase of a Silky Kisses. 

ALL SK's profits are directed to The Fistula Foundation for their good work.       

  Helping young women all over the world be healthier
mothers for our next leaders.

In Bali, Dedy and his wife Yasmini manage the small Silky Kisses Team, who I employ to make the silk pillowcases.
They also sew the kebayas that the local women have to wear at ceremonies, without which they would not be part of their community. 
This a big social problem especially for the old. Belonging is an important factor in the health of society generally, and particularly in Bali.
Despite tourism extreme poverty resides in beautiful Bali as well as the world at large.
The Bali SK ladies have a lot of joy gifting these lovely lace blouses, which the women wear with their sarongs with a sash.

We're coming into our fourth year of our NFP company,  without marketing or any advertising, or gimmicks, or huge overheads. Just dedication and word of mouth, and our luxurious promise.

Maybe you could tell someone about finding this great product which serves a deserving cause.

We have a silk pillowcase for anyone who sleeps of high value,
with minimal packaging, 
in colours not found anywhere else. 

Dewa Made Dedy Suharman
& Wendy Michell in a SK kebaya

And oh yes Christmas is almost here again

Merry Christmas Everyone XX  WM for SK



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