Beauty Therapist Talks Silk Pillowcases & a Charity Update

My name is Jordan and I am eighteen years old. I graduated high school last year (2015) with great results. I’m a part time beauty therapist and part time volunteer at Silky Kisses and love it.

As a beauty therapist, my hair and skin are important to me; I like to be nicely groomed and I like to take care of myself. I can honestly say that since I have been sleeping on Silk I have noticed some remarkable differences. 
For someone with such a busy life style, blowdrying and straightening my hair every morning just isn't practical; 
I need to wake up and be ready to face the day whilst not looking like a rag-doll. 
Sleeping on Silk reduces frizziness and tangles, allowing you to wake up looking fresh. Sleeping on silk is also great for your skin because it doesn't pull and stress to your skin, which causes unnecessary wrinkles which you may have noticed happening sleeping on some cotton cases. The soft silk allows your skin to breathe all night allowing you to wake up just as beautiful as when you went to sleep. 

Silky Kisses provides the World with something that everyone can benefit from and enjoy; beautiful silk pillowcases and an opportunity to relieve the suffering of women who will never even own a pillow, and who would not even know what a pillowcase is. 
Silky Kisses provides a rainbow choice of twenty vibrant and different colours, suitable for all ages and genders in a standard size pillowcase. We also ship pillowcases out all over the World.
A silk pillowcase makes a great gift and for any occasion; birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers day, the list goes on because everyone sleeps. 
If you have difficulty choosing a colour (like I did because there’s such beautiful choices) SK also provides gift vouchers which you can purchase to allow the receiver to choose their own colour. 
Who will you chose to receive this superb gift?

All of the profits made on each pillowcase go directly to The Fistula Foundation, a four star rated charity (which is the highest star rating a charity can get). 
Obstetric Fistula wasn’t something I had ever heard of before working with Silky Kisses, for me this was quite embarrassing to hear about. In the westernised world a lot of us ignore the fact that there is suffering and pain going on all around us, and that may sound like ignorance but because it is all so far away it can be quite easy to ignore sometimes. But when I discovered how many hundreds of thousands of women are suffering debilitating fistulas I realised how terrible a problem it is and I’m glad to be part of a solution help even one woman at a time.

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