Dark Pink Silk Pillowcase

The colour of this Wild Ruby Silky Kisses silk pillowcase has the luminous quality of both red and magenta which symbolises divine love and desire, and can bring warmth and excitement to your bedroom, stimulating connection and is energising for your heart. You can warm up your bedroom with this colour, great for winter nights. 

This colour is soft but also full of inner strength and vitality, the perfect balance for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual enhancement to totally align you and be at one with yourself while you sleep, revitalising your energy when you wake up.

The fuschia colour of this silk fabric glows with a special beauty and harmony not often seen in bedding, but it can bring passion and romance into your life. We spend much of our lives in our beds so having the calming energy of pink with the feeling of excitement from the intensity of this particular hue promotes a zest for life while remaining comforted, that makes a Wild Ruby silk pillowcase an excellent choice for both harmony and passion to exist in your bedroom.

This hot pink is a purifying colour which restores vitality to your circulatory system. 

Pink is the colour of tenderness and understanding that nurtures and calms, and despite the strong wildness of this tone of red it inspires compassion and intuition to grow when you’re surrounded by its energy.

If you adore this ruby colour (like I do, as this Wild Ruby silk pillow case is my number one choice) you love to surround yourself with lovely things as it inspires your creativity.


What does your choice of this colour say about you?
If you have chosen this gorgeous Wild Ruby pillowcase to be yours it tells us that you are a sensitive person who is kind and empathetic. You have a maternal instinct with a need to protect and take care of others, and you have a respect for the sacredness of all life.

You are a person who knows who they are and you’re capable of self-validation, feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that you are taken care of on a higher level. Because you are not easily swayed by the opinions or judgements of others you display an ability to detach from good or bad outcomes which makes you a very harmonious person in your personal relationships. 

You are methodical and organised, reserved, calm and non-violent, sometimes seemingly shy to others.

Despite being impulsive and innovative, with dark pink as your favourite colour, you do tend to be practical, with a great deal of common sense.

You are charming and seek appreciation, respect and admiration, and because you are cheerful and optimistic and love to motivate others to achieve their best you receive respect and unconditional love from those who really know you.

You are not easily offended but you will not tolerate any disrespect.

With your vivid imagination and creative ability you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view. This will show up in artistic pursuits or in the decoration of your own home making it a sanctuary of harmonious balance.

You may not own much in terms of material goods, but what they do own will be simply elegant, and you find pleasure in the little things in your life and appreciate all that you have.

You have a good sense of humour, although it tends to be a little weird and off-beat, you are a free spirit with delicate sensibilities. You are generous, friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.

You are the nurturers of the world - you love to give nurturing and to receive nurturing in return.

What this Silky Kisses Wild Ruby silk pillowcase can do for you?
If you have chosen a Wild Ruby Silky Kisses silk pillowcase you will love it for its ability for bringing you warmth, energy and stimulation, which is great for fatigue, exhaustion and cold sleepers. 

This dark pink has the energies of red and magenta which are the colours that stimulate the heart and heightens low blood pressure. This in turn increases sexual desire and activity, wonderful for invigorating your loving relationship with another or yourself as pink improves self-confidence and self-esteem, and promotes the feeling of self-reliance. 

Sleeping on this dark pink colour helps to release old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve you, which helps you to grow and move forward in greater balance. 

By surrounding yourself with this dignified colour your courage is inspired to look at those things that you have been unable to face previously, so that you can make changes in your life.

The raspberry colour of Wild Ruby “purifies the bloodstream and benefits mental issues. It is a freeing and purifying agent.”#16

It helps to harmonise your male and female elements, so if there is too much of either female or male aspects, this energy will help to create an harmonious and balanced personality.

If a challenge for you is to become more self-reliant and to learn to love yourself, if you are either over emotional or under emotional and striving for a balance between the two, then this balance can be achieved, and love and acceptance will be returned to you multiplied if you sleep on this beautiful pink colour silk pillowcase.


# 16  http://www.energyandvibration.com/colorcoral.htm

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