Royal Blue Silk Pillowcase

This royally elegant colour, this French Ultramarine Blue in Silky Kisses' glorious silk fabric, reminds us of the colour of the spaces between the stars in the night sky. This peaceful beauty inspires the body to produce calming chemicals. It's the colour of destiny. This Midnight Sapphire colour as your luxury bedding silk pillowcase wards off insomnia by producing deep relaxation and soothing strong emotions by comforting your mind. Sleeping on this colour improves your intuitive thinking and balances any hyperactivity, releases depressive moods, and creates a way for a clearer vision for a fresh new day. 

What does choosing this colour say about you?
If you have chosen a Midnight Sapphire Silky Kisses silk pillowcase as your favourite colour you love harmony, and you’re said to be reliable, sensitive and you always make an effort to think of others. You like to keep things clean and tidy, and feel that stability is the most important aspect of your life.

Blue is the “least gender specific” colour, having equal appeal to both men and women.#8

From a Colour Psychology perspective people who choose Blue are loyal, honest and responsible.#2

You are “the helper, the rescuer, the friend in need. Your success is defined by the quality and quantity of your relationships. You are a giver, not a taker. You like to build strong trusting relationships and can become deeply hurt if that trust is betrayed.”#2

If you love Blue, as 40% of people apparently do, you can tend to be conservative and predictable.

Blue is a safe and non-threatening colour, and as the most universally liked colour of all it’s probably because it is safe and non-threatening that it’s chosen. 

Change is difficult for those who like Blue. You can be inflexible when faced with new or different ideas, and you don’t like to be rushed to make decisions, however you consider, you analyse, think slowly, and then you try to make the idea fit into your own acceptable version of reality. 

You are intelligent and self-reliant,#6 with a persistence and determination to succeed in whatever endeavours you decide to pursue. You have an authority about you, with integrity, and a devotional nature, but you’re not impulsive or spontaneous.#2

If you choose this Dark Blue silk fabric colour your nature tends to be reserved and quiet, you keep a certain distance, but you give calm and practical help when needed. 

You are orderly and you prefer to have direction - untidiness and unpredictability overwhelms you.

Familiarity is your comfort zone, you can be nostalgic and enjoy looking back to the past.

“In the meaning of colours, Blue relates to one-to-one communication, especially communication using the voice - speaking the truth through verbal self-expression as the teacher or the public speaker.”#2

The person who likes Blue can seem to be idealistic but you aspire to higher ideals and a deeper spiritual perspective.

You exhibit an inner security and confidence, and you can be relied upon to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.

You are a person who likes a place of contemplation, and who seeks peace above everything else, and who chooses Blue knowing instinctively that it will bring that tranquility into your bed.


What can sleeping on a Midnight Sapphire silk pillowcase do for you?
The cool and soothing, dreamy and magical Dark Blue Silky Kisses silk pillowcase “creates peace and rest.”#27 

If you’ve chosen this colour silk pillow case for your boudoir “you probably like to catch a lot of shut eye — and you're a cheerier person for it. ‘People with blue [in their] bedrooms get more sleep than any other colour, clocking in at seven hours and 52 minutes per night. It's not just coincidence, either. Unsurprisingly, more than half of the people with blue bedrooms said they regularly wake up feeling happy.”#32

Blue enhances the wisdom of the intellect.#2

Specialised receptors in our eyes — the same cells that inform our brain's daily rhythms — are most sensitive to the colour blue, according to Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre.’”#32 

This is useful for healing as Dr. Edwin Babbitt states in his classic, "The Principles of Light and Colour," that "The Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world.”#27  

“Over the past decade, scientists have reported the successful use of blue light in the treatment of a wide variety of psychological problems, including addictions, eating disorders, impotence, and depression.”#8

And the research continues, but although an ancient study, (even Plato wrote about this science), Colour Therapy is still largely misunderstood and under-utilised. 

I love colour so I’ve delved into the science and share it with you here for your interest and contribution.

If you’re interested in further information about Colour Therapy please check out my Blog.

This small charity company of mine, Silky Kisses brings you our Midnight Sapphire silk pillowcase to “invoke rest and [inspire your] body to produce chemicals that are calming and sedating”#8 while you sleep.

The Healing Benefits to you of sleeping on your Silky Kisses silk pillowcase in this truely delightful Dark Blue colour -

Blue colour energy “cools down inflammations (don't forget rheumatic inflammations), fever, high blood pressure, stops bleedings, relieves the bursting headaches, calms strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria. Brings tranquility. Anti-itching. Anti-irritation (for instance redness of the skin), anti-stress. Soothes suffering.”#2 

Blue can also “be used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat. Excellent for laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx.”#2 

What better way to infuse this healing colour energy into your life than sleeping with it all night, every night?

“Blue links with and stimulates the throat chakra. The throat chakra is often referenced as the ‘power centre’ and ‘the greatest energy centre in the body’ because it is the primary centre of expression and communication, through speech.”#2

“Esoterically Blue represents the elemental water and elemental air Deities of the sea; which is the mystical guidance for this colour energy for [our] better understanding of truth and wisdom, tranquility, calmness, justice, counsel, guidance, understanding, patience, honour and sincerity, devotion, healing, masculinity, prophetic dreams, protection during sleep, and astral projection.”#2 

What wonderful inspirations will you dream about with your Midnight Sapphire silk pillowcase?

“Blue is the colour of the spirit for devotion and religious study. It enhances contemplation and prayer. Blue's energy for devotion can be to any cause or concept you believe in, including devotion to your family or to work.”#2

Blue “enhances self-expression and your ability to communicate your needs and wants.”#2

Sleeping on a Dark Blue silk pillowcase reduces stress. The silk fabric relieves any pulling stress on your hair and face, coupled with this deep Ultramarine Blue pillow case creates a sense of calm in your bed, inducing relaxation and a sense of order. 

The Blue vibration is said to “slow your metabolism, and can lower your heart rate and reduce blood pressure,”#2 all helping you to release and let go of any stressful thoughts as you dream.

Imagine feeling that sense of calm, as you would do when you stare up at the deep blue sky, or into a dark ocean, this colour is perceived as a constant in our world, and it creates the emotional comfort you want for a deep sleep. 

Delving into this Blue silk fabric brings you deep peace.

“Blue is the hue that always makes us sigh with contentment.”#32


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