Silk Pillowcase Colour Therapy for Your Best Self

Silky Kisses silk pillowcases for women’s charity brings to you the benefits of silk with a better understanding of the healing energy of the colour that you’re drawn to.
Making choices easier. 
Helping us help others…

The truth is that the power of colour is the essence of life. Colour is refracted light, it’s all around us and influences our lives all the time.

This is true, I’ve looked into it and know for certain that, like Plato and the rest, curing with colour exists.

You can read all this if you’re interested, 
but if it’s just not your thing go to my website 
and have a look at the 20 different coloured silk pillowcases 
my SK Team has prepared for you.


The Silky Kisses Team brings to you our research on Chromotherapy, known as Colour Therapy. 

Our SK website sells a rainbow of silk pillowcase colours as a vehicle for supporting a women’s and children’s healing charity that is truely making a difference in the world.#40

Since ancient times the study of colour for beneficial medicinal healing for us all has been in existence as a science since ancient times.

Chromotherapy is the scientific study of the effects of colour finding legitimate benefits for yourself and others, and creates another level of complexity towards understanding the wonder of living. 

Combine that understanding with the glorious silk that enhances your skin and hair beauty every night, and the good feeling that giving gives to the giver, as a product it's total happiness maker! 

How can it get better than that?



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