Silver Silk Pillowcase

Our Moon Mist Silver silk pillowcases will entice you with the light energy of this mysterious colour which represents openness and truth. This pillow case flashes the palest of green in a light tone within the silver silk fabric, creating a cool and shimmering magic in your bed. Although your eye can see a tiny hint of green in the silver fabric the reflections from the silver will pick up any colour in its vicinity, creating opalescent variances. 

When you hold this 100% mulberry silk in 22 momme weight it feels and even looks like water pouring through your fingers, like life-giving water. 

This colour reminds me of the quiet elegance of the colour of the glaze of palest celadon porcelain-ware from ancient China, a “‘colour beyond description’ that must be experienced to be understood.”#6 This colour is like this. Special.

The glamorous and high-tech quality of this silver silk fabric creates an atmosphere of restrained wealth and sophistication in your bedroom.  

Silver can be sleek and modern, or impart a feeling of ornate riches, or an oriental luxury.

Silver is related to the moon, and to moon energies. “How we feel about things and how our emotions affect others are all influenced by the moon.”#37 

It’s the colour of the Goddess, and is said to mirror the soul, strengthening the connection to ourselves.

The shiny, metallic silver of this silk pillow case, is refreshing, and cool to touch, like a grey colour but livelier, more playful and calming because of the extra cooling green tint which vitalises as you sleep. 

The silver energy creates a cool seduction.

Silver has a feminine energy, it is sensitive, mysterious and emotional. 

It’s so soothing, calming and purifying that the energies will inspire intuition and your own reflection as you sleep.

What does choosing this colour say about you?
If you’ve chosen a Moon Mist Silver from our silk pillowcase collection you tend to have many delightful personal qualities and attributes according to Colour Psychology that are well documented and best shared

You are trustworthy, honourable and distinguished
A romantic and glamorous
You’re cool, calm, and collected
You’re a “witty and eloquent speaker”#31
You would make a make good diplomat, artist, musician or doctor.
You are business orientated and love to work in your own business.
Money is important to you and you are generous.”#2
A fundamentally gentle person and internally motivated.
You seek peace and tranquility, and probably enjoy the energy of water.
You are strong-willed, and don’t like to be told what to do by others. You do like to win arguments and do not concede defeat easily. But we still like you.
Because we know you’re “modest, insightful, and kind-hearted”#9
With a need for balance and peace.

You may be all or none of these personalities reflected in your colour choice but if my research is correct then sleeping on this silk pillowcase will really match your style.

What can sleeping on a Moon Mist Silver silk pillow case do for you?
If silver is the complete energy of light then why would you want light in your bed?!

Because you close your eyes and the colour energy remains in your brain while you sleep, and you snuggle into this beauty product which soothes your face and your hair and wake up looking and feeling fabulous.

Sleeping on a Moon Mist Silver silk pillowcase, representing the energy of the colour silver, contributes to a better sleep and a more vibrant start to your day. 

The SK silver silk pillowcase is particularly soothing in summer because of its cool metal colour qualities in both the fabric and the colour tone, which has a calming effect and is excellent for people who’re hot sleepers, or who are unwell.

“Silver signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates your way forward while you sleep, then reflects back any energy given out whether it be positive or negative.”#2

To more clearly understand about one of the Laws of the Universe - that there is always a positive and a negative in everything - I’m sharing this more negative side of of silver with you because 'the reflections are all up to you!’#40 xx

“Silver colour helps with the cleansing and releasing of mental, physical and emotional issues and blockages as it opens new doors and lights a way to an amazing future.”#2

Silver is mystically considered to improve speech, bringing more eloquence and clearer communication to your subconscious while you sleep. 

The tint of green in this slip brings in this “calming energy colour which is stress-relieving and rejuvenating”#27

Studies have shown that green improves reading ability and creativity.”#3a

What happens to your body in the presence of green?  

Even in the lightest of tones:
“Your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions.”#8 

Surround your head with this greenish-silver silk pillowcase for your divine and luxurious healing sanctuary.

You may have an understanding about the energies around us, and how colour influences us in magical ways, so liking this colour suggests that you could be very intuitive, perhaps telepathic, or clairvoyant, or even have abilities of clairaudience or psychometry!  Or not. This silk colour could help to take you there in your dreams with its reflective and introspective qualities. 

What this does reveal about your choice of this luminous Moon Mist Silver colour to sleep with is that you are a cool character!


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