Cream Silk Pillowcase

This colour conjures up thoughts of the texture of ice cream, the softness of old lace, and the colour of luminous pale skin. 

This ivory creamy colour tends toward a very pale yellow hue, which is  a joyful colour addition which warms up the cool elegance and purity of the white base colour. Cream has a generally quiet colour energy, and can often evoke a sense of history and antiquity to your bedroom setting. Cream or ivory is a calm colour, although associated with the energy of spring it is quiet with a pleasant, understated refinement, with a rich softness and lustre.

Our cream pillowcase is un-dyed and natural, in processed mulberry silk fabric, made in a 22 momme weight charmeuse style silk which is made in Hangzhou, China, and unlike all the other 19 colours in our range (including white) which are all dyed. So if you are looking for a more organic pillow case this would be your best choice.

The off-white colour of Vanilla Shimmer is a soft neutral with the earthiness of a very light beige, which creates a peaceful ambience in your bedroom for a good nights’ sleep.

What does choosing this colour say about you?
If you favour the unifying ability of a neutral colour in your bed, and you have chosen the Vanilla Shimmer silk pillow case, you seek perfection and calm in your world.

Cream is the colour of acceptance and tolerance - you love this colour because that is your creed, or you may be looking for this in your life.

You have an innocence and lightness, and goodness about you.

The milky-white tone of Vanilla Shimmer appeals to those who actually “like to be colourful, impulsive, and idealistic risk-takers who "rely more on intuition than logic.”#34

“If you love the colour of vanilla you tend to be emotionally expressive and successful in close relationships.”#34

Vanilla lovers are refined and traditional, rich and conservative. 
You have a gentle look, both in your appearance and the way you feel, with a slightly vintage feel and temperament. 
If white is too sterile for you - you need more colour in your life because you are easy going and relaxed, and white is too fussy and particular for you.
And you are spontaneous and impulsive person and white is too self controlled for you.”#2

Also loving cream means that:
You need lots of interesting things going on in your life - the simple life is too boring for you.
You are not concerned with order and perfection in your own life - a little dust on the shelves is okay with you.
You take life as you find it and make the most of what you have.#2

These words describe a person who chooses cream:
“Original, imaginative, joyful, happy, idealistic, creative, artistic, spiritual, optimistic, intelligent with a love of learning, you’re light and sunny, you have the energy of summer and spring, being philosophical, cheery, and hopeful, with lots of energy”.#34

If you have chosen a Silky Kisses silk pillow case in Vanilla Shimmer you are “spirited, motivated, charming and eternally young.

You are never dark or heavy, and you usually work in people professions, such as the media, entertainment or caregiving. 

Those who love the colour of ivory have a “natural affinity for the young and love the outdoors, and are clever, but not interested in heavy academic debate. On the downside, they can be single-minded, do too many things at once.”#34

All these attributes and personality traits have been observed for those who chose cream, or ivory, or a Silky Kisses Vanilla Shimmer. You may not feel you fit all the descriptions but we know that you’re a beautifully soft person with a natural outlook, and a fun but relaxed attitude to life. 

What can a Silky Kisses Vanilla Shimmer silk pillowcase do for you?
Choosing a cream colour indicates you may be looking for its elegance and sophisticated warm tones to evoke a sense of peaceful antiquity and calm in your bedroom.

This pillow case allows a quiet and calm energy to surround you while in your bed, and works on the growing maturity of your subconscious mind towards more acceptance and tolerance as you sleep.

If you’ve chosen a cream colour toned silk pillowcase for your bed this will set a relaxed atmosphere and a subdued neutral background for any other colours in your room.

With too much of this colour around you can develop into someone who is out of touch with reality. Think of the phrase “ivory tower” which is typically a place of refuge or seclusion from the world.#31

However you need stimulus as well as ease, so your ideal palette of soft cream in your bedroom when combined with peach or turquoise, as well as brighter scarlets, or sky blues, or darker blues and emerald greens, or pure yellows will support this glowing neutral colour.”#33 

“It can also be used to lighten darker colours, without the stark contrast of using white,”#30 all helping to create a more restful place to sleep. XXX catalogue linkXXX

Sleeping on a Vanilla Shimmer silk pillow case will not only benefit your beauty of both your face and hair but also this colour brings relaxation and a peaceful sleep. 

And isn’t that what you’re wishing for? 


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