Pale Pink Silk Pillowcase - Blushing Blossom

This Blushing Blossom silk pillowcase in a Pale Pink colour is a warm glow in any bed. It shows tenderness, sensitivity and empathy, and is calming and reassuring. It’s an affectionate colour and creates a feeling of intimacy. 

This soothing combination of the luxury of the Charmeuse silk fabric of a Silky Kisses pillowcase, and the emotion of kindness that this pale pink colour brings to mind creates the nurturing you can relax into as you dream. 

This glorious Pale Pink pillowcase brings joy to your bed, inspired by its sweetness, and the innocence of the child that’s in all of us, it creates warm comforting feelings.

The therapeutic qualities of silk fabric for your face and hair is well known, (if not check out the beauty aspects here) when combining the wonderful properties of silk with the Pale Pink colour of a Silky Kisses Blushing Blossom it will transform your sleeping experience to something very special, and beautifully healing.

This sweet tempered red has a tranquilising effect which makes it the perfect colour to inspire deep rest with its gentle loving energy. 

Pink is one of the colours of “romance, love, and friendship, denoting tender feminine qualities and passiveness,”#2 as it “embodies the quieter qualities of red, this pale tone symbolises love and affection”#13, without too much of the high passion of strong red but with just the tint of that warmth, surrounding you in a tender embrace.

In colour psychology, Pink is a sign of hope. 

This colour pink connects you with the nurturing side of yourself, through either the need to receive tender loving care, or the need to give your own sweetness.


What does choosing this colour say about you?
If you have chosen a Blushing blossom pillowcase for yourself you are romantic, gentle and sweet.

You have a developed intuition and with your insights you care for others with compassion and kindness.

You show sensitivity, understanding, empathy and unconditional loving. You are warm and sensual, with an “optimistic and positive outlook on life, and see good in everyone.”#2

You are calm, methodical and organised.

You are very in touch with your feminine side, which is actually a refined aspect of both females and males.

You have a nurturing, protective nature, generous and sensitive to the needs of others.

You tend to be a reserved and non-violent person which can make you seem shy and soft, but your warmth and friendliness attracts people to you.

You are youthful and can seem vulnerable. 

You want to give love and be loved unconditionally.

What can sleeping on a Silky Kisses Blushing Blossom silk pillowcase do for you?
Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is not just a piece of bedding, this Blushing Blossom Silky Kisses silk pillowcase with transform your dreaming life. It is not a satin pillowcase, with its static and negative energy, but a mulberry silk pillowcase in high momme value.

“This is the colour that soothes your nerves as you sleep.”#25

What better colour to encase yourself in at night and wake to in the morning than a pale pink silk pillowcase? 

This is just what creates sweetness in your life and in your dreams.

Pink is a sign of hope giving you a sense that everything will be okay.

The pale pink energy of this pillowcase calms and reassures your emotions, chasing away any feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Replacing these unsettling thoughts with the calm and gentleness of the nurturing and maternal colour that it is.

By choosing a Pale Pink coloured silk pillowcase you will create an atmosphere of relaxed pleasure in your bed for a gorgeous healing night’s sleep.


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