Your Silky Kisses silk pillowcase will help you get through winter….read on to find out how!




Silky Kisses cares about you! 

We want you to feel beautiful and warm in winter and what better way than with a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase.

Not only do they look and feel beautiful they have many other benefits that will help you get through this chilly season.

Bed time

Snuggle up with your silk pillowcase to keep warm. Silk is an amazing natural fibre that has the ability to keep us cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. Your silk pillowcase will be perfect to use all year long, plus is great to cuddle on those cold nights.

Open Fires

They are cosy and warm, especially when you’re cuddling up to your Silky Kisses silk pillow in front of them.  Don’t worry, silk is difficult to burn so your silk pillowcase will be safer around fires than acrylic fabrics.


Electric heaters and other devices can dry out your skin, so make sure to sleep on your silk pillowcase when you go to bed. Silk has one of the lowest absorption rates of all fabrics so you can sleep soundly knowing that your silk pillowcase will keep your skin more hydrated.


These are a must in winter to stop the chills but they can dry out your hair by removing too much moisture. Make sure to sleep on your Silky Kisses silk pillowcase as it will help to reduce frizz and leave the moisture in your hair where is should be.


A natural and healthy way to warm up nice and quick is to get your body moving. Silky Kisses loves to promote health and wellbeing and what a great way to incorporate your silk pillowcase than in your exercise regime. You could use it as a support whilst doing sit-ups or if this is too strenuous a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase works perfectly for your yoga meditation.

Stay social

Have a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase party with your friends. The more silk pillows and friends the warmer you will be. No entry unless you have a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase!

Last but not least

Purchasing a Silky Kisses silk pillowcase for yourself or a friend will make you feel all warm inside too as all the profits donated directly to The Fistula Foundation who help women suffering across the World with curable obstetric fistula.

Find your favourite colour Silk Pillowcase here.

Enjoy your warm winter with Silky Kisses


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Thread Count Tips for Silk Pillow Cases

You probably have noticed another word ‘momme weight’ being used to describe our luxurious silk pillow cases.

You’re in the market for something new and special for your bed.. but often people can get confused as to why we don’t state a specific thread count number on our silk pillow case. Many people think that a thread count is the only way to determine quality of a fabric and that the higher the number, the better the quality.

Silk products are valued by its momme weight rather than thread count.

Standard cotton and polyester pillowcases use thread count to describe its quality, and it can get confusing for customers who are used to this perception to describe fabric quality. A high thread count means a stronger weave which increases durability which is important for bedding.


 image girl


Standard cotton and polyester pillowcases use thread count to describe its quality, and it can get confusing for customers who are used to this perception to describe fabric quality. A high thread count means a stronger weave which increases durability which is important for bedding.

Unlike cotton and polyester, silk is a natural fibre which is protein and amino acid rich. The strands are spun together to create silk threads which are not uniform in size and thickness because each silk worm creates its own individual strands when they create their cocoon. This means each thread is different in width and in weight.

The heavier the thread, the more luxurious the fabric will be as it is thicker and more durable.



Our heads are quite heavy and can push along the surface of the fabric while we sleep, this is why it's important that your silk pillow cases are as thick as possible, not only is this more luxurious and cushioned to sleep on but it's also much healthier for your facial skin as it presses against your pillow while your dreaming.

If you’re someone who is conscious of small wrinkles appearing on the sides of your face and eyes in the morning, a silk pillowcase is a beauty basic.

Sleeping on silk is known to help diminish these mouth wrinkles or 'sleep creases' while you’re resting. 

If you use cream on your face while you sleep, the silk will actually promote absorption so your skin can literally suck the ingredients in, rather than wipe them off like cotton pillowcases do, making this product a 2 in 1.
The skin is the body's largest organ so whatever is touching your skin, you need to know that it is safe and promoting good health.

Silky Kisses uses 100% mulberry silk charmeuse at 22 momme.

We pride ourselves on our high momme and quality silk product so you can sleep easy knowing you will have a healthy nights sleep.

Our next blog will share more about momme weight, including what the difference is between a good and a bad momme weight and why Silky Kisses chooses to use 22 momme for the most luxurious, delicious sleep you’ve ever had.

If you’re interested in feeling a silk pillow case for yourself head to our catalogue and choose your favourite colour. Your own little luxury can be on your bed within the week.

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Beauty and skin benefits from sleeping on a Silky Kisses pillowcase

Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric, so if your interested in looking after your skin, have a think about what material you sleep on.....

If you find you have dry, irritated, cracked or wrinkly facial skin, it might be your cotton pillowcase which is creating this.. or it’s certaintly not helping!!

Cotton drags out expensive facial creams, moisture and the bodies own natural oil from the skin. We need these oils on our skin to keep it plump and supple, sleeping on silk promotes this.

Silk has one of the lowest absorption rates of all fabrics meaning it’s the best option for helping your face maintain its natural hydration.

Jennifer Peterson, MD, a dermatologist at the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston says, “When you wake up after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your face will be better hydrated than if you slept on cotton”, making it beneficial for both eczema and dry skin sufferers.

As a bonus “hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer lines (wrinkles) and add more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells.”

It can be hard to determine what’s good and bad for our skin these days. There are millions of claims everywhere we look on what to do, buy, use - but with silk it’s simple. Silk is a natural product, so it’s compassionate to our bodies and works in conjunction with our skin.

Here are some points on WHY sleeping on silk is so important if you care for your skin:

  • Silk has naturally occurring amino acids, keeping your skin healthy and smooth.
  • Your head is heavy, your face pushing up against a cotton pillowcase will create ‘sleep wrinkles’ and these can worsen existing creases. Sleeping on silk prevents these as your face will glide on the material, not tug against it!
  • Sleeping on silk is the best option after any facial surgery because its naturally healing and soft.
  • Most women buy creams, ointments, lotions and masks to help slow the signs of ageing – these will end up being sucked out if you sleep on cotton! Some of these ‘beauty potions’ can be incredibly expensive! You don’t want to be feeding your pillowcase your creams, they are made for your face!


If you think about the fiture of your skin and you want to look after it as best as you can, seriously think about investing in an 100% luxurious 22 momme Mulberry silk, Silky Kisses pillowcase. Sleeping on these will retain your face's moisture and keep your skin looking younger and more radiant!

Make this affordable luxury a beauty basic. You won't just be helping your own skin, but you'll be effecting someone else's life. All the profit from the sale of these pillowcases is forwarded onto Women’s and Childrens charities in need. Silky Kisses is currently focusing on The Fistula Foundation, for women suffering with obstetric fistula.

Make the change today, invest in a Silky Kisses pillowcase here!


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Get your Christmas shopping completed in record time!

For the luxurious gift that gives twice, get Silky Kisses pillowcases for Christmas this year. There really isn’t any more thoughtful and luxurious gift.

If you're time poor and are accessing 

the Internet to purchase some of your presents for this year… you're on the right page! You can complete 

your Christmas present shopping here in under 5 minutes just by buying each person on your list a pillowcase.. They all sleep, right?

I love the custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas. It reminds me how special my family and friends are and how lucky I am to have them in my life. The season brings up the feeling of gratitude..even the roof over my head, my healthy body.. and that exciting anticipation of the delicious Christmasy feast shared with the ones I love..

(Let the countdown begin!)

This holiday season, regardless of our background or culture, let's all be thankful for what we already have and give to those who are less fortunate in any way we can, because giving, whether you're aware of it or not, actually makes you HAPPIER than receiving.

We produce vibrant silk pillowcases which are made with 22 momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse which is the most gentle, luxurious and softest silk on the market. See more here.

We have 20 BRIGHT colours to choose from which can compliment your home décor and bed linen, or your personality and character type. The decision is yours!

If you're really struggling with the colour choice, it's always best to choose a Gift Voucher. This enables others to have the power in the choice, and you're not left feeling akward if they dislike the colour you chose. The vouchers are easy to print off and add into a card or you can email the voucher to a friend as a surprise. See here for more details!

This gift isn’t a 'standard present'. It's rather a simple idea, but luxurious, and personally thoughtful, and is something tangable which lasts long term. This small soft product will help their skin to become silky and to add shine to their hair. It's like a face and hair 'cream', but in material! Silk has many other incredible benefits, this is only part of the story.

This is a gift which gives TWICE. The profits of the sale from each pillowcase are donated to The Fistula Foundation helping Women with curable obstetric fistula all over the world.

We are unlike any other charity. Often when you donate to a charity organisation, you are left with a simple 'Thankyou' card, knowing what you have done for another human being is spectacular, and it makes you feel good, however there is no gift to you and you are only left with the inside memory. Silky Kisses reminds you each night of the good that's being done around the world, and it's a simple reminder to you as you sleep at night that you have contributed to help save a woman's life.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season by spending time with your beautiful friends and family, and think about how lucky you are with the love that surrounds you.

Have a very Merry Christmas. 

From the Team of Silky Kisses

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Three easy tips for keeping warm

I contacted Silky Kisses a month ago to tell them how much I adored my silk pillowcase with a testimonial about my experience with the cases. They responded by asking for some feedback and showed an interest into why I loved my pillowcases so much, and this was my response to them.. 
I don’t think people realise how much colour can change a life.
For me it did. I love it that I’ve never lost the creativity and imagination from my childhood, and perhaps if you're reading this and you think you don’t have an intuition based on visual brain thoughts – well, its time to get those creative juices going and get open minded to a few ideas about colour. Just try it on.
By using simple thoughts about a colour, I’ve found to be healing, empowering, and it's free, easy, childish and I can do it even when I’m under the pump – like public speaking!

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, and about the food we put into our bodies. What a ‘food’ provides and what minerals and nutrients they have. I’m the type of person who wants to know why, say, a tomato is red, what’s going to be in there which will be nutritionally viable for me etc.. but that tomato can be so much more than nutritional chemical facts, it can be a source of strong colour energy, a visualisation tool for sinking into the sensation of red – if you're open minded.
Are you someone who thinks about what the fruit or vegetable you're about to eat is doing for your whole body, your mind and your spirit? If you don’t, I’ll explain how it has been beneficial for me, and it could be for you too.
When you see that red tomato do you have any feelings? Try to connect with the colour of that bursting ripe tomato. Its hot, warm, nourishing, energetic, stimulating, energising, fiery and lively.. what else do you feel from red? Do you see where I’m going with this?
Imagine filling yourself up with that rich powerful colour, it's more powerful than you think. Another way you can bring in a colours power is to wear it! Take note of those feelings when you look at a colour because it IS effecting you both physically and mentally.
Would you wear a bright yellow suit? I've seen a few women, especially Virgin hostesses, carry a red suit with ease, as a uniform it can work. but rarely will a man wear a full red 'bag of fruit'. I'm sure there are people who could pull it off, but for the average person it would be to hot and attention seeking, like a sign saying stop, on the one hand, and ‘look at me’, and very energetic. An unusual choice for most. This starts to show that colour is a subconscious choice based on our deepest requirements, and until we think about it our choices seem random, but are they?
We can absorb colour in a few ways which are simple, fast and non invasive. I practice lots of visualisation in my life, and this can be through just breathing with my eyes open looking intently at a colour that soothes, or inspires movement, as is my need at the time, or with eyes closed imagine a colour and let it flow through my mind and imagine it travel through my whole body.
When I go shopping I try to absorb through my eyes the colours that attract me, and wearing a colour that uplifts and compliments my skin and eyes projects and reflects my energy. There are colours that lift your spirit and subdue and relax. So here are a few tips for winter that I can recommend -
  1. I wear a lot of red! No one knows this, but I wear red underwear, socks and long sleeved tops. For one purpose only – the feeling of warmth!
  2. When I'm coming out of the shower and I'm freezing and I want to head back into the warm water, I stand there visualising warm red. I feel the heat of the flames of red creeping up my from my centre and radiating around me. Try it!
For me, these visualisations in winter create a warm energy, they give me the mental strength my body needs to warm up. I have found on many occasions when I am wearing my red underwear, socks and long sleeved top, which no one can see because they are truly too wild for my outside appearance, I DO feel more confident, warm and energised, and find myself in social situations where I'm leading conversations.
This is why I like to sleep on a colourful pillowcase so I can practice this colour breathing visualisations when I'm in bed - and its even better that its on silk. Even though I'm in the darkness of my room at night, I can still use the power of the pillowcase to enhance my energy and I have a great night's sleep.
Thank you for reading about my very personal thoughts. I thought I was crazy until I researched and found out more about colour therapy and it makes sense to add a little bit into your life. I hope you try some of my techniques, please let me know if you do and how they work for you!
I sleep on Peacock Jade pillowcase… Do you want to know about why? If you're interested to hearing about why I like to choose blues and greens to sleep on I'm happy to share.
I hope you enjoyed my guest blog for Silky Kisses
A guest blog for Silky Kisses
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Welcome to Silky Kisses

It is a scientific fact that people feel happy if they are able to make someone else happy!
A Silky Kisses pillowcase is a Happy Maker.

All women love real silk pillowcases - they do make us Happy!
They'll buy them for themselves and for their loved ones.
And not just women, men love them too. I know a gentleman in his 80's who has stolen the watermelon coloured pillowcase I gave his wife and won't give it up!
Children love them.
Silky Kisses an endearing and affordable gift for everyone.
We all sleep.

This is Silky Kisses first Blog, and mine. Welcome to our site.
I'm feeling really happy as my Silky Kisses creation is about to launch..Yaaa

I was inspired last June 2012 to work on this concept, discussed making the cases with my friend Dedy in Bali in June 2012. He found a tailor to make me 50cases, which I rained down on my lucky friends and family to do a test run.
Who wouldn't love a silk pillowcase to sleep on. 
So began this 10month journey into the creation of Silky Kisses.
Our team produces pillowcases in 20 luscious colours in heavy watery silk Charmeuse. 
With minimum packaging and all our profits go to The Fistula Foundation women's charity as our pledge to respond to this dreadful crisis.

We will be launching our lovely website on 10th April, 2013,
with teasers on Face Book, press releases and hooray's from our patiently waiting fans.

We hope you enjoy our newsletters which we will send sporadically to you if you connect with us. 
No membership, just the knowing that if you buy a pillowcase from us you will not only be getting a lovely silky sleeping buddy, but you will be helping a woman reclaim her life.

I was looking to buy a silk pillowcase locally to solve my fluffy hair problem.
I found only the very expensive, with dull colours, and elaborate packaging, or the brightly shiny acrylic variety which made me hot and static!
I found lovely looking silk ones on line at various prices but in the usual range of pink, cream and black. I wanted colour, choice and beauty.

I can hard could it be to make a pillowcase? Actually it's not easy!
I asked Dedy's Aunty, Desak, an experienced seamstress and now my head tailor in Surabrata in Bali, if she would be interested to get a team together to make lots of cases; they were excited, and inspired by the cause, and are working away, on a good wage at last, happily knowing how much their work is enjoyed.

I had a bigger picture in my mind.

I know that sleeping on my Silky Kisses pillowcase is indulgent, particularly when there are millions of women struggling to just survive. The incongruous nature of the difference between the material world and the desperately poor is more than disappointing. If we really open our hearts we are appalled by what we hear and see in photographs, but we try to forget so we can live in our daily reality without guilt. This is true for most of us. There are those angels in the field really doing fine dedicated work to change lives.
How can I help them?
Then I had heard about fistula, and the resulting sickness and community shunning and what a very appalling way to exist it must be for these beautiful women. I was inspired by people like Dr Katherine Hamlin doing their good work in the field treating with success, and educating these often very young women, allowing them to reclaim their lives. We found The Fistula Foundation helping to serve these doctors and their staff. I'm not alone in my quest to improve the lives of these women, Oprah and Richard Branson, amongst all the other philanthropic souls, are doing their best creative giving to this cause, and remain inspirational.
I felt that if I'm lying on silk I could give a bit more of my luck away to those who have none. I became a large donor to this cause.
What else could I do?
How could I make a real difference to these thousands of suffering women?
How could I facilitate this process and produce an answer to this sadness?
How could I inspire others and so make it a bigger gift?
How can we create a movement towards positive giving - a win/win?
Silk pillowcases to those who can and contribute to those who can't - was my answer.

Concern for the suffering of other women is in direct contrast to wanting to feel silk under my face; the hypocrisy is evident and intended!
How can this hypocrisy become a conversation that creates movement towards compassion and contributing toward this good cause?

Hence a 'Kiss of Silk and a Kiss of Thanks' when you buy a Silky Kisses. XX

With the small team in Bali raring to go I realised that I was not equipped to do the business of letting you know about us if I did't find a team. And I found the best group of enthusiastic, creatively talented and self motivated people a woman on a mission would want to propel this idea and product into the world. Thanks to them we can offer you a shopping experience that will show you easily how to purchase your very own silk case, and where your donation is helping, as well as offering the interesting healing aspects of silk and colour for health, beauty and sleep in our fun and informative newsletters.

Wendy Michell


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