Light Green Silk Pillowcase

This Minty Cream colour is adorable, and creates a feeling of sanctuary in your bed, away from the stresses of life, and restores you back to a sense of well being. This pale green silk fabric is an emotionally positive colour which soothes and calms as you sleep. This tone of green, one of the four refreshing greens in the Silky Kisses palette, is not as vibrant as the darker shades in our range, but our Minty Cream silk pillowcases have the subtlety of coolness and softness to lure any sleepy head to bed.
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Royal Blue Silk Pillowcase

This royally elegant colour, this French Ultramarine Blue in Silky Kisses' glorious silk fabric, reminds us of the colour of the spaces between the stars in the night sky. This peaceful beauty inspires the body to produce calming chemicals. It's the colour of destiny. This Midnight Sapphire colour as your luxury bedding silk pillowcase wards off insomnia by producing deep relaxation and soothing strong emotions by comforting your mind. Sleeping on this colour improves your intuitive thinking and balances any hyperactivity, releases depressive moods, and creates a way for a clearer vision for a fresh new day.
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Dark Pink Silk Pillowcase

The colour of this Wild Ruby Silky Kisses silk pillowcase has the luminous quality of both red and magenta which symbolises divine love and desire, and can bring warmth and excitement to your bedroom, stimulating connection and is energising for your heart. You can warm up your bedroom with this colour, great for winter nights.
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White Silk Pillowcase

The purity of a Silky Kisses Pearl Lustre silk pillowcase brings fresh beginnings. 

This shimmering white silk fabric reflects light, picking up other colours in its vicinity. 

White is considered a summer colour, easiest for decorating, light, and neutral and goes with everything. Our silk fabric is not acrylic satin, with its static and plastic unnaturalness, but with Mulberry silk in a weave called Charmeuse - the ultra shine is on the side you sleep on, and the underside has a crepe feel, which helps the silk pillowcase adhere to your pillow. 

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Mid Blue Silk Pillowcase - Australian Sky

An Australian Sky Silky Kisses silk pillowcase calms and relaxes the mind, counteracting agitation and confusion which can surround us, to wake up with this colour will refresh you after a tranquil sleep on this cooling, calm and soothing hue. 

This soft blue colour silk fabric of our Australian Sky pillow case defines the values of trust and loyalty, being a magical colour, it’s also been said, that this colour depicts confidence, dependability, and strength.

Light blue colours are “associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.”#4

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Jade Silk Pillowcases - Peacock Jade

Peacock Jade, that Persian green of old, associated with the sea and the tropics, cooling and deeply translucent, like snorkelling over a coral reef. The cooling nature of blue-green  colour promotes relaxation which is what we seek when we go to sleep.

Jade carries a “nourishing energy that supports healing, acceptance and elevation, through a recharging of your spirit, according to the psychology of colour.”#2 In nature blue is water and the sky and green is grass, trees, and other plant life - a natural, life-sustaining duo. 

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Pale Yellow Silk Pillowcase - Lemon Chiffon

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and light which creates joy and hope, brightening people’s lives with its cheerful happy colour with the aura of warmth and friendliness. This delightful pale yellow colour stimulates the mind and increases your lucid and analytical reasoning, being a colour of real inspiration to a creative mind, which awakens genuine curiosity and optimism as our minds rest in sleep.
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Beauty Therapist Talks Silk Pillowcases & a Charity Update

For someone with such a busy life style, blowdrying and straightening my hair every morning just isn't practical; 
I need to wake up and be ready to face the day whilst not looking like a rag-doll. 
Sleeping on Silk reduces frizziness and tangles, allowing you to wake up looking fresh. Sleeping on silk is also great for your skin because it doesn't pull and stress to your skin, which causes unnecessary wrinkles which you may have noticed happening sleeping on some cotton cases.
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Christmas Blessings from Silky Kisses

"Hi" from myself, Wendy, and from Silky Kisses, offering the sleeping experience of a silk pillowcase.

Our little cottage industry is based in Adelaide, South Australia. 
We are pledged to help one woman at a time by bringing in contributions from shoppers who're looking to find something lovely.

Our customers from all over the world love our gorgeous silk pillowcases. 
They sleep even more deliciously knowing that their sweet dreams will contribute to saving lives.

Give to someone else their own sweet dreams with the purchase of a Silky Kisses. 

ALL SK's profits are directed to The Fistula Foundation for their good work.  

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Christmas is almost here!


Are you needing gift ideas for your partner, mother, father, friend, child, work colleague or client for Christmas? 
Then look no further, Silky Kisses is your 'one stop' shop! We have the perfect gift and here's why:
  • We have 20 beautiful colours, made with 22 momme 100% Mulberry Silk to choose from to suit every taste and bedroom. Click here to view the catalogue.
  • We Guarantee you'll love your Silky Kisses pillowcase.
  • Silk has the amazing natural ability to keep us cool when it’s warm or warm when it’s cool. A Silky Kisses silk pillowcase is the perfect gift for that special person no matter where in the world they are celebrating Christmas.
  • Sleeping on silk looks after your skin and hair. Silk doesn't draw moisture away from skin or hair so bed hair and creased skin will be a thing of the past.
  • For the person who has everything give them a gift that gives back. We donate all our profits to The Fistula Foundation to help women with Obstetric Fistula caused by difficult child birth. These women have life saving surgery and go on to live happy, healthy lives with their children and with education to contribute back to their communities. 
If you can’t decide on a colour or how many to purchase, click here to purchase a Gift Card.
Thank you for all your support this year!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.
With love at Christmas from the Silky Kisses Team 
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